Legal Networking for Young Female Lawyers in Birmingham

Why should someone involved in delivering legal services in Birmingham seek out networking? The legal profession tends to be a field that needs as much support as a professional can get. From criminal defense to super lawyers, each legal professional needs to reach out to others in the field to know that they’re properly supported.…

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Can I Sue For a Slip & Fall Injury in Alabama?

Can I sue for a slip and fall injury in Alabama?

Slip and fall accidents can be devastating with life-altering consequences. Learn whether you can sue for a slip and fall in Alabama, the causes, and more. Slip and fall accidents are quite common, and they can happen at any time and anywhere. For example, you can slip and fall on private property, commercial property, apartment…

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Questions To Ask Your Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer

What questions should I ask when I speak with a personal injury lawyer in Birmingham

For this article, I am not going to list obvious questions like “how much will your services cost,” “how long will my case take,” and so on – the focus here is to help you gather vital information from your personal injury lawyer before you go ahead with your case. You need to be specific…

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How Much Does The Average Female Lawyer Make in Alabama?

Average salaries for female lawyers in Alabama

Are you a prospective law school applicant or a young female lawyer in Alabama? You should know what to expect in wages. You’ll find all the info you need here. Alabama lawyers do a lot of meaningful work in the lives of millions living in the city. Many times, having an experienced Alabama attorney by…

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What Percentage of Lawyers are Female in Alabama?

Female attorney

Are women discriminated against in the legal business? Well, it is a male-dominated field with only minimal representation for women, so there is some friction here but it would be a bit too premature to make a statement before we’ve analyzed the data. For aspiring young female attorneys, the best possible work association can be…

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Why Is Mentorship So Important in Law?

Are you a young lawyer or student facing challenges in the legal profession? Learn about mentorship, why mentorship is so important in law, and its benefits. Building a career in law can be a challenging process. From law school to the practice of law, the road is fraught with difficulties. Worse still, the academic setting…

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How Young Female Lawyers Can Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

Growth starts when you step out of your bubble, your comfort zone. This is the cozy place where you feel safe and you operate under known circumstances. However, for young female lawyers, breaking this bubble is the first step towards cutting your career path in the legal industry. Junior lawyers do not stay junior forever…

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Who Is Liable For a Distracted Driving Accident in Birmingham?

Driving is a daily necessity. It also requires complete focus on the road ahead and other vehicles and pedestrians. Unfortunately, every day we see motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. A distracted driver is someone who engages in other activities while driving, especially using their mobile phone. If you were involved in a crash…

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