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How Much Does The Average Female Lawyer Make in Alabama?

December 7, 2021

Are you a prospective law school applicant or a young female lawyer in Alabama? You should know what to expect in wages. You’ll find all the info you need here.

Alabama lawyers do a lot of meaningful work in the lives of millions living in the city. Many times, having an experienced Alabama attorney by your side can be a major lifesaver in critical situations. They also ensure criminal justice. From protecting your rights to helping you solve complex issues, society will be in chaos without reliable legal professionals.

While all Alabama lawyers play important roles in society, one can’t neglect the female attorneys’ special functions. That’s especially when it comes to issues that concern minor children and other women. Besides improving gender equality in law practice, women have achieved giant strides in the legal profession, especially in family law. For example, female lawyers are usually the go-to for divorce, monthly child support payments, etc.

So, as a female member of the American Bar, you play a critical role in the grand scheme of things. You also deserve huge financial incentives for the good work that you do. We’ll discuss the remuneration for female Alabama lawyers in this article.

What Factors May Influence a Lawyer’s Average Salary?

When determining lawyers’ annual salaries, the first thing to note is that attorneys don’t earn the same. Many factors may influence the wages of lawyers from time to time. They include:

  • Location

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers seem to earn higher annual salaries in some states than others. For example, in a 2020 occupational employment and salary statistics, the District of Columbia is the top paying state for attorneys. The state’s average lawyer salary is $197,100, with a mean hourly wage of $94.76. The District of Columbia is also among the top states with the highest employment rates for lawyers in the country.

Next after the District of Columbia comes California, New York City, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Their average annual salaries are $179,470, $174,060, $169,120, and $158,190. The BLS puts their average salaries per hour at  $86.28, $83.68, $81.31, and $76.05.

  • Employment Sector

Another factor that may determine a lawyer’s average salary is the sector they work in. Generally, attorneys who work in private businesses earn differently from their colleagues in the public sector. For example, according to BLS, lawyers who own private practice will typically earn higher than their colleagues in law firms.

According to the BLS report, lawyers in the federal government received median salaries of #152,220 per year. Those in the legal services, state/local governments( excluding education and hospitals) received $126,660, $99,900, and $91,450, respectively.

  • In-House Lawyers and Academics

There’s some significant disparity between the wages for in-house lawyers and those in academics. In-house lawyers work as employees of corporations in their legal departments. They handle their employer’s tax matters and offer quality advice on various legal matters that arise in the company.

Just like an in-house lawyer, a law professor gets paid according to the institutions they work in. As of October 2021, the average salary for an in-house counsel in the United States was $235,512. Meanwhile, that of law professors in law schools is $175,158 as of October 2021. That means that in-house lawyers generally earn higher than law professors in law schools in America.

  • The Clients They Represent

There’s a reason why lawyers try to land specific clients and cases. That’s because the kind of client an attorney has can impact the professional fees. If most of your clients require legal aid, you’d typically earn less than lawyers who work for handsome profits. For instance, a medical lawyer will generally earn more than an attorney who handles an uncontested divorce case.

A lawyer’s earnings can also depend on how they bill their clients. Usually, attorneys base their salaries on an hourly rate, retainers, or a contingency fee arrangement. In a contingency fee agreement, lawyers may lose huge amounts if they fail to win a case for their clients.

  • The Top-Down Hierarchy/Position

Like in every other profession, lawyers have hierarchical positions that influence their salaries. In a law firm, the professional hierarchy usually includes associates, junior, and senior partners. Typically, junior law firm associates earn the least while senior partners and principals earn the most.

If you occupy a judicial office, you’re subject to the judicial hierarchy too. For example, while city judges earn significantly lower than the Chief Justice of the supreme court.

  • Education, Certification, Hours, Experience, and Additional Skills

Many other factors like education, certification, work hours, experience, and skills play significant roles in determining a lawyer’s minimum wage. According to, lawyers are ranked I, II, III, and IV based on their salaries, with ranks I to IV earning $97,604, $128,491, $158,128, and $177,752, respectively. Meanwhile, Attorneys ranked V, VI, real estate attorneys, and judges/magistrates earn $199,547, $209,602, $153,362, and $170,775, respectively.

Again, clients prefer to hire lawyers with vast experience and knowledge in a specific field. That way, your length of experience will influence your clientele base and your salaries.

How Much Is an Attorney’s Annual Income in Alabama?

In the United States of America, lawyers earn a mean annual wage of $148,910. In Alabama, lawyers earn an average annual salary of $92,668. This amounts to an average hourly wage of $44.55, starting from $21.85 to $90.83 per hour. According to the report, lawyers’ wages in Alabama range from $45,454 to $188,926.

The breakdown of Alabamian lawyers salaries by seniority is as follows:

  • Starting level lawyers earn $45,454 and $21.85 per hour.
  • Junior level lawyers begin their earnings at $63,696 per year and $30.62 per hour.
  • For mid-level lawyers, their wages start from $92,668 and $44.55 per hour
  • Senior-level lawyers have their salaries from $64.82 and $134,819 per year
  • Top-level lawyers begin their earnings at $188,926 annually and $90.83 per hour.

However, according to ZipRecruiter, a lawyer’s annual salary in Alabama is $74,165. That translates to about $35.66 per hour and $6,180 monthly. ZipRecruiter also mentions the top-paying city in Alabama to be Florence. Florence has an average annual salary of $1,139 (1.5%) above the $74,165. Other top-paying cities in Alabama include Mobile, Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, Auburn, and Dothan, in that order.

Do Male Lawyers Earn More Than Their Female Counterparts in Alabama?

There’s been a worldwide clamor for women’s rights for donkey years. This outcry stems from the uncanny men dominance that is evident in almost every aspect of society. A case in point is the Alabama abortion debate. Men had the final say in making abortion illegal in a matter that directly affected the female folk.

There’s also the issue of male dominance in the gender pay gap. In the legal field, men have generally earned more than women. In America, while male lawyers earned median weekly wages of $2,324, their female colleagues received $1,665.

We can trace the gender pay disparity between lawyers because fewer women make top-level positions than men. This is even when women make up almost 50% of the graduating law school classes.

There’s hardly any specific data on the amount female Alabamian lawyers earn. However, inferring from the BLS mentioned above report, we can say it’s below the average annual salary for Alabamian lawyers.

Let Sara Williams Help You to Reach Your Financial Goals in the Legal Profession

Do you want to join the league of female Alabama lawyers making real money in the law practice? Do you need a seasoned mentor who understands your challenges as one of the marginalized attorneys in Alabama? Whether you’re a native Hawaiian, American Indian, or among the diverse/under-represented attorneys, having a mentor in the profession can help.

Fortunately, Sara Williams, an award-winning lawyer in Alabama, can mentor you into the formidable attorney of your dreams. Over time, I have mentored full-time law students on confidence, consistency, communication, and other essential values for the legal profession. I’ve also groomed young lawyers to become an unstoppable force in the courtroom and grow their finances in the profession. So give me a call immediately, and let me show you how to outperform yourself in the legal profession.

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