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Networking for Female Lawyers

July 21, 2021

Professional American women encounter a broad range of obstacles on their path to career and personal development. Women lawyers, especially black women, aren’t left out in this problematic circle. For instance, the inability to find a work-life balance significantly hampers the career development of women.

Consequently, various methods have been developed to help female attorneys overcome the issues they face. One such means is networking. Networking with other women lawyers, businesswomen, and women leaders can help female lawyers advance in the legal profession. Furthermore, Sarah Williams has created an extensive information resource for women seeking professional improvement, even through networking.

Where Can Women Lawyers Network?

Networking refers to the act of speaking to and interacting with people for a goal. Often networking is geared towards business development or career development. For women lawyers, this involves having conversations at events, collecting contacts of female leadership models. Finally, all these actions often end in the development of beneficial professional relationships. 

There are many sources of intentional and casual networking for women lawyers, including:

Conferences, Classes and Workshops

The legal profession always organizes various conferences, mini-classes, and occasional workshops. These activities often draw notable women lawyers and women in significant leadership roles. Furthermore, attendance may be open to all American women. Such meetings are some of the best places to network. This would be all the more possible in conferences with the advancement of women lawyers as their primary objective.

Other Networking Events

Many other occasions see the gathering together of many notable women lawyers. Sometimes, the local bar associations champion such events. They include charities and public lectures too. So, women lawyers desirous of development can seize these opportunities to network.


Nothing stops women lawyers from meeting with each other more frequently. In such meetings, they can discuss rights for women and the achievements of women. Consequently, they can receive encouragement and support from one another. Who knows? The next big campaign for women could be birth in a park picnic.

What Networking Skills Do Women Lawyers Need?

Networking can be challenging for anyone. Of course, it’ll be more difficult for shy and seemingly unaccomplished women. However, all women lawyers deserve a shot at networking benefits. Therefore, it’ll be wise to develop some skills to beat the fear of networking. These four tips can help you.

Go Out and Mingle

Firstly, you can’t network indoors. This means that you’ll have to take that bold step to leave your comfort zone and go to places where you’ll meet people. You can start with organizations or events with a solid female membership base. In addition, when you get there, don’t just stand around. Instead, mix with the crowd, talk to people. Talk about yourself, your interests, and your career.

Be Yourself

There’s often the temptation for women lawyers to project themselves as better than they truly are. This is because society demands a lot from American women while rewarding them with less. Junior attorneys would face this dilemma the most. 

However, it’ll be best to act normal. Most women in leadership roles understand how challenging it is for women to attain success in the legal profession. Therefore, they most likely will not have unreasonable expectations of you. So, wear a smile and an open mind. Then, go have the most honest conversation you ever had.

Exchange Contacts 

Always be ready with business cards or anything that introduces you. Furthermore, ask people you admire for their contacts too. Of course, some will give it out, while others will refuse, and it’s their right. However, there’s no harm in trying.

Follow Up

This is where the real work now begins. Since you got a top female lawyer’s contact, you have to explore that gold mine. Now, it’s time to build a relationship with their permission and reap all its benefits. Finally, it’s best not to ruin a perfect opportunity with petty desires. So, it’ll help to define the relationship and stick to its purpose.

Online Networking for Women Lawyers

The world has gone digital, and women lawyers must adapt too. This fact must have become all too clear since the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, any person whose networking concept was restricted to physical events and gatherings would have been disadvantaged. 

Furthermore, scientists have described networking in a manner akin to basic human needs. So, it’ll be disadvantageous to give up networking when you can’t do so physically. That’s why it’s best to acquaint yourself with and utilize online platforms.


LinkedIn is essentially Facebook, with a membership base of professionals. On this platform, you can “connect” with other female lawyers – seniors, juniors, and colleagues. Furthermore, some accomplished lawyers dedicate their LinkedIn accounts to sharing encouraging posts for other female lawyers.

Other online networking platforms for women lawyers include:

  • Facebook groups for lawyers
  • Twitter 
  • Other social networks
  • Private social networks for lawyers such as Foxwordy
  • Legal research platforms

Benefits of Networking for Women Lawyers

There are many advantages to networking for women attorneys. For example, a 2011 survey showed that networking programs and other forms of networking are great opportunities for landing jobs. Entering into the legal profession, especially the commercial litigation and criminal justice fields, can be challenging. Therefore, female lawyers can bridge this professional development gap through networking opportunities.

However, attorney development isn’t restricted to job searches. So, let’s consider other benefits of professional women in law.

Protection in the Workplace

It’s no secret that professional women face hostile conditions in their workplaces. For instance, women lawyers are often victims of pay discrimination, infrequent promotions, and unrecognition. Furthermore, women associates face sexual assault and harassment from their seniors in the legal profession. However, professional relationships that women attorneys form through networking can protect them from such dangers.

Achieving the Work-Life Balance

Creating a balance between career and personal life is more challenging for female lawyers. The legal profession is so demanding that many women don’t think that they can combine both. However, through networking, female lawyers can see notable women lawyers and other female leaders who’re proof of the possibility of achieving success in both spheres.


If the advancement of women attorneys will become a reality, many more women attorneys must have access to hands-on attorney mentoring. This process should even start when they’re still female students. Fortunately, many networking programs offer such mentorship opportunities. Furthermore, women lawyers can also access informal mentoring from the professional relationships they develop in networking events.

Sarah Williams’ Resources Can Build Your Networking Skills

Are you a female law student or attorney? Do you desire to build your legal career? You can achieve this by developing networking skills. If you network with people who are already successful in the legal space, they can point you towards what helped them achieve success. Sarah Williams is also dedicated to the development of female attorneys and American women in general. On her website, you can access materials that can help you build extraordinary abilities for your development. So, get on this website and equip yourself for the future.

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